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Adding of fighters profiles on MMA-ORACLE.COM

If you want to add a new fighter to the website or to complement an already created profile, please contact us:



Edit information at the fighters profile

If you are MMA fighter and found an error or inaccuracy in your profile (an error in the name, there are no some fights, no date of birth, etc.) write to us by e-mail, we will make adjustments to the data and recalculate your rating.

On our site you can supplement your profile with such info as:

  1. full name
  2. citizenship, nationality
  3. date of birth
  4. nickname
  5. photo
  6. weight and height
  7. basic martial arts in addition to MMA
  8. link to your social media profile
  9. your friends and enemies in MMA
  10. your coach
  11. your manager
  12. relatives in MMA

For example, this is how the completed Habib Nurmagomedov profile looks like!

Adding information about past fights

In order to add the information on the carried-out fights, which we do not have in the database, you must:

  1. send us a video of the fight or a link to it
  2. specify with whom the fight was
  3. to specify the fight result (knockout, submission, decision)
  4. specify promotion
  5. specify the name of the tournament
  6. specify the date of the tournament

Promotion of MMA fighters

We offer a comprehensive service for the promotion and promotion of fighters and clubs. This service includes: editing the fighter's profile on our website, publication of the latest news about the fighter, publication of static and video content on our website. Naturally, no promotion in social networks and the Internet does not guarantee you a good contract with the top promotions. However, in the presence of competent fighting thinking, talent and perseverance in training, media promotion will never be superfluous!­­­­­­­

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